The Wyvern Watch — Winter 2019

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Welcome to the watch! Hosted by The Wyvern's Tale, Asheville's friendliest local game store, The Wyvern Watch is a winter day camp for youths with imagination and creativity, open to ages 10-17.

Take up the charge to slay dragons, defend galaxies, and build kingdoms! Over a couple of days, young Watchkeepers will learn not only the ins and outs of tabletop role-playing, but skills like storytelling, improvisation, teamwork, and problem-solving


The Wyvern's Tale is a game store and gaming space in north Asheville and has fostered connections, events, and community for over seven years. We pride ourselves in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The store is open to the public at noon daily.

Camp Hours:

The camp will be held from 9:00am to 4:30 Thursday, December 26th and Friday, December 27th.


There will be a lunch period in the middle of the day, however we will not provide meal service, so attendees should plan to bring their own lunch.

We will provide bottles of water for attendees throughout the day.

Camp Management:

The camp is run and organized by local actor and game designer, Mike Yow, who also has some background as a teacher, coach, and event host. Mike is a regular customer at The Wyvern’s Tale where he occasionally runs playtest sessions of his Savage Kingdoms RPG. If eight or more campers are registered, Mike will then hire an assistant, and has utilized such wonderful local talent in the past as Paul Zinke, Bobby Ray, and Cody Alan Brown.