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The Art of Expression-Grades K-8th

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Some children have a hard time reading facial expression. In fact, many children are struggling socially. Today many children have become less engaged in the world and more engaged with gaming and excessive screen time. It doesn’t take much to see that with more screen time there is less opportunity to look up and engaged in conversation, hold eye contact, and be immersed in a orchestra of sound. Children are experiencing an increase in stress and anxiety. They are having trouble focusing and learning. They may be withdrawing away from “kid-like” fun. You may have taught your child “typical” responses to emotions but today children have a world around them that is pushing hard. This push is resulting in skyrocketing numbers of children being diagnosed AD(H)D, Autistic, Defiant and so many more. The label begins to define the child rather than who the child truly is. Our workshop is designed for children needing support to help reconnect in the art of expressing themselves. The brain loves new information and is ready at all times for an exciting adventure. The workshop will walk your child through the process of facial expressions. The goal is to bring clarity to the child’s brain on how to bridge relationships with others by understanding social cues through understanding what they see, hear, touch and create. Dr. Laura Hanson, with Connect My Brain, Ms. Francis Esther, with The Painting Mama and Misty McClain, with Little Mindful Yogis will lead the kids through a day full of self-awareness, while finding their inner artist and end the day with yoga for mindfulness.

Camp Hours Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm

Children will need to bring a "NUT FREE" snack, and water bottle daily. Please have them wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty and sneakers.