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Fathers Days BBQ 101 Class w/Caytlin McCleery 6-9 pm

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Come learn why pellet grills are taking over the back patio and the appliances in our kitchens. In the class we break down the use of the pellet grills, everything from temperature ranges on how to cook "Low and Slow" and "Hot and Fast".  Also understanding the importance of temperatures of the food itself for safe cooking.

Learn how to control and create flavors by understanding the roles of salt, fat, and heat in cooking.

We'll be cooking Tri Tip, Pork Ribs, Chicken, and Side Dishes!  

Class will be from 6-9 pm

Caytlin McCleery:

is the Creator of Cayts meats and Meals. She has a passion for all the tasty foods, but especially has a love for the outdoor cooking. She's a mother to 5 children and being a full-time mom, it's important for her to have an escape which is COOKING! Feeding her family quality meals and teaching her children the art of cooking is a big priority.

Caytlin frequently cooks on local TV stations. Any chance she gets to experiment, or create new things, she dives right in! Her passion for creation of good eats is what drivers her to learn and grow in the cooking world. She and her family really enjoy the Camp Chef lifestyle. From cooking on the back porch, to the great outdoors, there is no limit to what can be cooked!