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Pre-Season Lacrosse Camp

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The spring season is right around the corner! Come to the Anderson Elementary School's athletic fields on Saturday the 21st of December and tune up those skills just before the season! The coaching staff is all current college lacrosse players who are excited and eager to teach the sport of lacrosse to boys of any and all ages! This will be a one day event starting at 9 am. The first three hours will be stick skills and individual skills. We have a variety of coaches that have knowledge of each specific position in the sport of lacrosse so now is the chance to get your son training from someone who knows what it takes to play their position at one of the highest levels of lacrosse! At 12 we will have a lunch break where the kids can relax and ask the coaches questions. We will start back up at 12:45 pm with the next 3 hour session which is going to be based around team concepts, odd and even man situations, and fun competition! These will be separated by age groups so that they can be high energy, competitive, and fun! These concepts will be described in detail by the coaches and then the players will have a chance to show what they have learned giving the coaches the opportunity to be actively involved in each scenario!Let us get your son prepared for the upcoming season so they can be at the top of their game!