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Shot Science Basketball Essential Skills Clinics

This is your last chance to refine your game before the basketball season starts! Come down and work with the Shot Science guys on your game-ready shooting, ball handling, and all-around offensive attack. If you put in the work now, you'll be well prepared for stepping on the court with your jersey on.

Each camp will cover a specific topic that is essential to your success as a baller. We will go into great detail with each subject and make sure that you can coach yourself once you walk out of the gym doors. This will include one-on-one attention, drills, and homework to reinforce what we work on.

Available Camps:

  • Oct 15 - Fix Your Shot (Before It's Too Late)
  • Oct 29 - Offensive Moves to Beat Your Defender
  • Nov 5 - Game Speed/Game Intensity Shooting
  • Nov 19 - Get Open, Get the Ball! (Moving without the ball)
  • Dec 3 - Playing In & Passing To the Post (for bigs and perimeter players)
  • Dec 17 - CONTEST DAY! (2-on-2, shooting contests, and prizes!)

Campers that attend 3 or more clinics are invited to sign up for our CONTEST DAY where we will have a 2-on-2 tournament, shooting contests, and prizes to take home (an iPad, Shot Science shirts, the Jump Box, and more)!

If you intend to attend ALL CAMPS, please use the discount code "AllCamps" at checkout to get $20 off your total! It's essential that you check the boxes for all the camps to take advantage of this code.

Space is LIMITED, so please reserve your spot ASAP! *Preferably before October 12th!

Clinic Times: 

  • 5th-7th Graders - 10am to 12pm
  • 8th-12th Graders - 1pm to 3pm

See you at camp!