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Indoor Lacrosse Season 1

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Welcome to Boise Men's Lacrosse Club first Indoor Lacrosse Season! 

8 weeks of games. With an extra FREE night included on October 16th

Season starts October 23rd with games all on Monday nights starting at 8:15pm. All levels of play are welcome for ages 17 and older. 

Players are $79 for the season and goalies $49. Rules are below:

Games will begin promptly at 8:15pm and 9:15pm

Format will be 5 on 5, not including your goalie.

Games will be 60 minutes, and have four 12 minute running time periods, with 2 minutes between periods, and an 8 minute halftime.

We would like to have 4 teams of between 7 and 9 players each to allow for substitutions.

There will be one referee calling each game.

All players play with a short stick, no long poles indoors.

Contact rules will follow our men’s field lacrosse rules, and are in the interest of safety:

  • Legal field lacrosse body checks below the neck and in the front of the body
  • No excessive ‘boarding’ is permitted
  • Fouls result in a change of possession, time is not served for fouls
  • Players are encouraged to follow field lacrosse contact rules

Goals are standard 4x4 indoor lacrosse goals.

Periods are started with a faceoff, then the team that is scored on gains possession at midfield.

Teams will be designated either “light” or “dark”. Please wear a reversible pinnie.

The official time and score will be kept on the scoreboard at the Idaho Indoor Soccer Center.

Music will be played over the PA system during the game.

Goalie Gear provided

Release of Liability must be signed for the Soccer Center

Release of Liability must be signed for the host West Ada Lax 

Championship Team wins Prize (to be determined but will be cool)