Weekend WAR Camp Dates

March 6th to March 8th

March 20th – March 22nd

April 10th – April 12th

April 24th – April 26th

May 8th - May 10th

May 29th – May 31st


All camp locations for the Weekend WAR camps will be located in Boise, ID and each camp will be within 40 minutes of airport. The camp will be held in gymnasiums until we finish a building project for the ALL IN Wrestling Center. Exact Locations for each individual camp will be sent to you in a confirmation packet to the email you registered with.


Check in will start in the morning around 10 am and will go until 11:15am. All wrestlers will be completely dropped off and checked in by 11:15 am

Day 1

  • 10am – 11:15am Check In
  • 1st Practice 11:30 – 1:30 am Check in and Registration
  • 2nd Practice 3:00 – 5:00
  • 3rd Session 7:30 – 8:45

Day 2

  • 1st Practice 9 - 11am Check in and Registration
  • 2nd Practice 1pm – 3pm
  • 3rd Session 6pm – 8pm

Day 3

  • Practice 8:00 to 11 (Graduation Practice - Parents Welcome)



It’s best to have a flight that lands in Boise Airport (BOI) by 9am or 10am am at the latest into Boise, ID. 


There are lots of options for hotels if you have decided to travel with your children. Obviously its best to find something that fits your budget. You cannot go wrong getting anything in this treasure valley from Boise to Nampa. Parents will be welcome to attend the final session starting at 8:30 am on Sunday.

What To Pack

You will be sent a complete packing list and preparation packet upon registration. Please note that wrestlers will need to have their name taped on the back of their shirts. We like this because it helps us get to know the kids and also it helps us in safety scenarios where we have to know the kids name asap.


All wrestlers will sleep in a neat and tidy barracks type atmosphere in one big room. It’s important to us that we have all wrestlers in one area for safety reasons, but it also really helps bring the camp together as one big family. 


All wrestlers will shower on site, we are working on making sure we have facilities that have individual shower units but it’s not always guarantee with school facilitates.


In an emergency situation, it’s important to note that medical teams are easily accessible in Boise, ID as we are a major city in the state. Upon registration, we will have their insurance info so we should be good with that, but we will definitely be giving you a call if kid needs to go to doctor. All parents who are staying in Boise,ID should prepare to come take their children in the case of an emergency.