Kaizen Intensive Wrestling Camp EAST WA / North ID 2023

Where: Rathdrom, ID - Lakeland High SchoolWhen: June 19th- June 24th

Check in times:  Check in is at 8 A.M. on the 1st day

Registration Deadline: Two days prior to camp start Registration

Once you click the registration button you will be asked a series of questions and then you will be able to pay online. After you are registered you will automatically be sent a packing list along with a work out plan in preperation for a great week.

As you go through the registration process you will have two options. All campers can either pay in full knowing that you will be refunded all money except a $150 deposit that is non refundable if for some reason you decide to not come to camp, or only pay the $150 deposit and then pay the rest of the amount at the door. 


Camp cost $450. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required with each application. Once this application is received, you will be sent a packing list and a training schedule in preparation for your week.

Early Bird Discounts:
  • Pay in full 30 days before the start date of camp and receive 45$ off camp.
  • Pay in full early with a team of 10 or more, receive a $65 discount per kid. ($25 will be refunded after check-in and upon confirmation of 10 team wrestlers)

Under $65 a day covers meals, a place to rest, great competition, and great clinicians. We are confident that this is the best value for your dollar and your wrestling development in the state.

Discounts and Coaches

A coach attends camp at no cost if he brings 6 wrestlers. Another coach attends at no charge with 12 wrestlers. If less than 6 athletes, each coach pays $200. 

Coaches Cost              Wrestlers

$200                            1-5

1 free                           6-11

2 free                           12-17

3 free                           18+


Lodging and Meals

We have housed on the campus of our host high school facility. Our Indoor barracks add to the toughness of the training environment and aids to team bonding. All campers will be sent a packing list after they register for camp. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served by a catering company in the school's cafeteria.

Attention Parents / Coaches

One of the highlights of this camp is the ceremony at the conclusion of the FINAL day. Family and friends are invited to attend this inspiring event. (est. 9:30 AM)


Campers will be issued a water bottle at check-in and are required to have their water bottle with them at all times of the day.

Skin Checks

Skin Checks are done throughout the week. If the infection is suspected, athletes will be transported to see a doctor. Keeping skin clean of any potential infection.


A laundry company will handle all laundry two separate times throughout the week. Please bring extra cash if you did not already pay online.


Campers are not allowed to be in any vehicle for the duration of the camp. No vehicle is allowed to leave the facility unless authorized by Camp Directors.

Campers / Whereabouts

Before each session every day our Staff & Counselors are required to check names on a list from the athlete's attendance lines. Coaches and counselors will be responsible to go and find any wrestler who has not checked in.

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