208 Platinum/ RARE 7on7/5on5 Tryouts

208 Platinum 7on7 is a program powered by RARE.

208 Platinum is a premier Idaho 7on7 Team that takes Idaho’s best athletes and takes them around America to showcase their talents.

The program is geared to help athletes train and work on their craft during the offseason. During training sessions, you learn from top level coaches in the area and train with the best around the state.

208 Platinum has helped athletes for 3 years get the exposure they need in Idaho. We attend high level tournaments where players will be able to compete against the best.

Our schedule is from Jan-May depending on the team you make. We will travel to WA,AZ,CA and NV.


Notable Alumni:

Kenyon Sadiq- University of Oregon

Reed Harris- Boston College

Max Cutforth- Boise State University

Carter Davis- Stanford University

Gatlin Bair- Boise State University

Quinn Clark- University of Nebraska

Javonte King- Montana State University 


5on5 +10U-12U: 9:00am-10:00am

14U-15U: 10:15am-11:15am

18U: 11:15am- 12:15pm

5on5-3 Total Teams:  1 Middle School, 2 HS

Seatte,Oregon,Boise Idaho

  • 18U Premier: Top Rated Recruits (Idaho & Montana)
  • 18U Prime: Top 2025-2026 In state
  • 18U Elite: Rising 2025-2026 Recruits
  • 18U RARE: Rising 2026-2027 Recruits
  • 15U Freshman: Top Freshman Instate
  • 14U Select: Rising 8th graders
  • 12U Supreme: Ages 12 and younger
  • 10U Future: Ages 10 and younger

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