Junior Camp 2024

Junior Camp is open to all students going into Grades 4-6 in the Fall.

Online registration should only be used if you are able to pay online during the registration process. This requires a credit card.

All our youth camps include three balanced meals each day, organized and supervised recreation, missionaries, chapel, camp fires, Bible study, clean cabins and showers and a health supervisor.

All campers participate in the entire camping program. Campers are expected to behave in a manner honoring to God. They will remain on the grounds except when participating in scheduled activities away from camp. Campers leaving early must have written permission from parents. Campers are to be in camp by the end of the first day.

Dress Code

Warm Lake Camp, Inc. campers should dress appropriately and modestly in all situations. General guidelines are as follows: No yoga pants/leggings in public areas (ok to sleep in); 

Girls shorts must have 5 in inseam or more. All campers must adhere to our rule of 5 B’s: No boobs, No bra straps, No buns, No boxers, No bellies. Modest swimwear is required for lake time and water games. This means a one-piece (no cut outs) or tankinies with full coverage. 

Communication with Campers

Warm Lake Camp, Inc. campers are expected to be fully engaged in the camp activities during their stay. This means that communication with home will be reserved for emergencies only. The main camp phone number is reserved for emergencies, so please limit calls into the camp and expect any calls taken to be kept appropriately short.

What to Bring

Warm bedding (sleeping bag), pillow, flashlight, towel, washcloth, bug spray, soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, bible, notebook, pencil, cash for canteen and missionary offering ($20 suggest as most items are $1 or $2). Bring clothes adequate for warm days, cool evenings and cold nights. Bring durable shoes for recreation and hiking. Casual wear, shirts or blouses or sweaters and pants are appropriate. Bring a swimsuit for the lake. Be sure to check clothing against the dress code above.

What to Leave at Home

Smart watches, tablets, music players, cards, table games, fireworks, knives, food, drinks other than water. Cell phones are allowed on the bus, but all phones will be collected and kept by camp staff upon arrival. Remember, Warm Lake Camp is outside of cell phone coverage.

Camp address:

Conservative Baptist Camp

2588 Warm Lake Road

Cascade, ID 83611

Bus Schedule

July 7th

Depart CFBC @ 2:00p 

Address: 221 E Linden St

Depart Horshoe Bend @ 3:15p

Address: 112 Ada St, Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629

July 13th

Drop off Horseshoe Bend @ 11:30a

Address: 112 Ada St, Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629

Drop off Caldwell @ 12:15p

Address: 221 E Linden St

*Campers getting picked up at camp must be picked up no later than 9:30a


Price from: $240.00