APRIL Matchplay - 500 Sets A Year

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My name is West Nott and I am the Associate Head Coach for the USC Women's Tennis Team.  I am in my 7th year at USC and I am really excited to provide a forum where more kids can get more matchplay.  I truly believe kids should be competing in 500 sets per year against kids of all shapes and sizes. 10 sets a week x 50 weeks a year = 500 sets.  Drilling should be a supplement to matchplay and matchplay should be where a bulk of the learning happensA majority of juniors fail to reach their full potential as competitors (despite having great strokes) because too much emphasis is put on 1-on-1 private lessons, heavy dosage of crosscourts, and receiving the idealistic fed ball to "groove."  

My philosophy is to help kids learn how to cope with stress, deal with randomness, and handle pressure when they are expected to win.  Very rarely do matches go perfectly as planned.  Kids need to learn how to compete- how to handle balls above their shoulders, below their ankles, slow balls, hard balls, all different game styles.  Playing sets is the fastest and most effective way to get ready for the real thing (given they have done the work)! 

I will provide on-court coaching during matchplay. Before the kids compete, there will be a heavy emphasis on what is expected from them from a mental standpoint.  We will hold them to a high standard when it comes to limiting mental outburts and promoting a culture of emotional stability. First the smile (good attitude), then the good tennis...not the good tennis, then the smile.  Most kids have it backwards and we are here to help kids fight this natural urge to combust when things begin to go south.

All my teachings are based off my personal experience as a player and coach.  As a player, I have been in the trenches of junior tennis, reaching a pinnacle of winning the National Junior Indoors and consistently being ranked top 10 nationally in the juniors.  As a junior, my formula was 1 private a week, 3 days of group lessons (2 hours each session), 3 buckets of serves per week, 2 ball machine sessions, and the rest was 10 sets a week.  I grew up in a town with 40,000 people in Midland, Michigan- I was the best player in my club at age 15, I played anyone and everyone.  My formula can save your family money and be a better competitor.    


Matchplay sessions will be 6 hours long.  

-9:00-9:15 500 Sets Philosophy and Mental Approach Tips For The Day.  

-9:15-11:45am Match #1.  

-11:45-12:30 Lunch Break (bring your own lunch or Togos across street).

-12:30-3:00 Match #2.

If someone wins under 2.5 hours, they will keep playing.  We will provide water, balls, towels, and gatorade.  I will help the kids learn how to use their setplay time wisely- you can always improve even if you are winning 6-0, 6-0 by working on other aspects of the game.  Mastery of tennis is neverending.  

Any skill level can sign up, boy or girl, open to the public, any age (adults are welcome).  We have 12 spots available for Saturday, April 19.  Parking passes are not provided.  There is street parking adjacent to USC or pay for a pass at the USC entrance kiosks.  

I want to help more kids find the joy in competing and I want to help parents save money, time, and energy with sound advice on how to navigate their kid towards college tennis.  

As a treat, Head Coach Richard Gallien will be joining me on the court during matchplay sessions to provide advice.  Richard was a world-class player for Pepperdine, played doubles with Brad Gilbert, Kelly Jones, and Glen Michibata (all who reached top 10 ATP).  Richard coached Robbie Weiss to a NCAA Singles Championship and is one of the wisest, kindest, competitive minds in coaching today.  He learned from the great Allen Fox and he loves passing that knowledge on to the kids.  

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