Capital City Outlaws Wrestling Club 2013-14

Season:This year the Capital City Outlaws will be competing in the IDAWAY Wrestling Association. All Little Eagles wrestlers have already paid their membership dues and should have their membership card. There will be 1-2 competitive tournaments each month for your wrestler in addition to practices. There is usually a $10 entry fee charged for each tournament in which your wrestler competes. The club season will begin in December and go through March.Practice:Practices will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30 unless there is a conflict with a High School match or a holiday. Practices will be held in the Capital HS wrestling room beginning Tuesday, December 10th. Outlaws practices will move faster than Little Eagles (assuming they have learned many of the fundamentals already…). Practices will also be 30 minutes longer to allow for much more live wrestling! Outlaws coaches (while still making an effort to keep things fun…) are not going to have time to manage behavior issues. Practices and Drills will be structured to expose your wrestler to a wide variety of wrestling technique using intense drilling to reinforce new technique being taught! If your wrestler is unable to remain focused and on task for 90 minutes, please make sure you’re by their side. We simply cannot have unacceptable behavior take away from the entire team’s wrestling experience.Cost:The cost structure for Capital City Outlaws has changed for this season. To accommodate the busy schedules of our parents and athletes we will no longer charge a monthly fee. Instead, we will be charging per lesson. Parents can purchase punch cards for 5, 10, or 20 lessons, or unlimited lessons (Season Pass). The benefit to this change is that families who can only make one practice a week, or travel, or miss practice for any other reason are not paying for missed practices. You may purchase additional lessons if your punch card is used up (Sorry, NO REFUNDS for lost punch cards). We encourage our athletes to participate in multiple sports and we understand that many families have a lot going on. We hope this change helps!5 Lessons = $4010 Lessons = $6020 Lessons = $80Season Pass (unlimited Lessons) = $100Other Costs:Team apparel, travel expenses, tournament entry fees, etc. are other expenses that may come up. But these are totally optional!I know a lot of you had/have questions regarding details of the Outlaws Club. Hopefully this answers your questions. If not, feel free to call Coach Jody Webb 208-602-9133 or email: See you on the mat!Coach Webb